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Terrific Computer Sales & Wireless Network Installations

The Computer Guy provides computer sales and wireless network installations to help you stay connected. We also offer small to medium-size business support, installation, and configuration.

Repair & Maintenance

We run extensive diagnostics to discover the cause of crashes, lock-ups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems and detect any malware or Trojans. Our technicians also check for any errors that could prevent it from functioning properly and make sure the operating system security patches have downloaded and installed correctly.
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New Computers

When you're ready to buy a new computer, come to The Computer Guy for laptops, desktops, servers and monitors. We sell brand-name computers, including Windows®, and build custom systems. Let us know your preferences for recommendations.  

Computer System Setup:

• Removing Unwanted Applications
  from New Computers
• Eliminating Unnecessary Software 

• Moving Personal Settings from Your
  Old Computer
• Verifying Proper Connection of Your
  Home Network


Wireless Router

We help with wiring your home or office and securing your wireless network. This allows you to control who can access your Internet.

PC Upgrades

Adding the appropriate hardware for your computer lets you gain the most use before needing to buy a new one. Also, installing sufficient memory, a video card, or an additional hard drive could extend the use of your current computer for several more years.
Contact us at 877-889-8055 in Warwick and Florida, NY to request a service from our certified technicians.