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"It's nice talking to a familiar voice or seeing a face you recognize when your having a problem with your computer. Rather than talking to someone in another country or large shop where your just a number or dollar. Kevin and gang have been there for years and understand the courtesy and best interests of their customers for building a local business. Plus you feel better supporting your community and watching that roll over to other local business. Thanks for your caring service."

Steve Mindes
Sugar Loaf NY

I want to record the excellent service that was rendered to me by a small business firm in our area.  As my home is very close to the NJ/NY State Line, the firm's field of operations covers northern New Jersey in Sussex County and the southern New York area in Orange County.  The firm is:

The Computer Guy
2 Overlook Drive
Warwick, NY  10990

The business is run by Mr. Kevin Brand and is assisted by several other technicians.  I found them to be pleasant, courteous and very competent.

My experience with the firm began when I needed to replace my old computer.  Mr. Brand came to my home and installed a new one but that turned out to be defective. He came back with another unit and has spent a lot of  time updating all my old files and programs.

He remained committed to achieving the correct performance of my installation --   which far exceeded the time needed for normal equipment upgrades.  He completed the tasks without complaint or additional cost to me.
I think that such dedication to business ethics deserves to be commended and acknowledged by the business community.

Very truly,
Vincent G Grey
Sussex, NJ
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